Example Data Files

Example Test Files

You can use the test files below to try some simple tests of the tools we offer.
For more detailed testing, each code has a help page that provides sample input and output files for that specific code.

Please view the demo usage videos under the Help tab for additional guidance.

Fasta for sequence alignment codes:

Fasta: fasta.fa

Aligned sequences for gene tree inference codes:

Aligned Fasta: aligned_fasta.afa

Phylip: phylip_sample.phy

Relaxed Phylip: relaxed_phylip_sample.phy

Clustal: clustal_sample.aln

Nexus: nexus_simple.nex (no MB block); nexus_block.nex with MB block

BEAST, BEAST2, and ASTRAL example files were created by the codes' developers.

BEAST (xml): beast_benchmark1.xml

BEAST2 (xml): primate-mtDNA_beast2.xml

Gene tree collectiions for Species Tree inference (ASTRAL):

ASTRAL (NEWICK): astral_infile.tre

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