Mark Zhuang

Senior Engineer, development and maintenance of the web application.

San Diego Supercomputer Center 9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla, CA 92093-0505

I have 30 years experience in software development. Most of my career has been spent developing software for equity and derivative trading. I have deep expertise in the whole lifecycle of software development: requirement gathering, design, coding, testing, releasing, and support. Most recently, I developed and supported a software tool called Scale. Scale is the UBS Algo Trading system used across Asian countries including Japan, Korea, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippine, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and India. It contributes to the leading position that UBS has in the Asian Algo trading market. It is a robust and complicated system that can handle large trading volumes.

In 2018, I moved to La Jolla from Hong Kong to join the CIPRES project at SDSC. I wanted to dedicate myself to passion projects, specifically, to create tools that advance biomedicine. I have been working at CIPRES for 6 years now, and have made a number of improvements to the underlying software package. I enjoy training young developers, and am proud of the work we do at CIPRES.

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